Welcome, I'm Phil and philensminger.com is my corner of the internet. 👋🏼


If you found your way here to learn more about me or my work, sweet! Websites aren't great at Q&A, so send me an email and let’s get into it. I haven't written much, but the few ideas I've put out into the world are over here.

Or, if you’re actually here for the shenanigans on two wheels, then go this way.  💙


I currently work as a Chief Technology Officer for an exceptional distribution company serving US government healthcare organizations all over the world. I’ve helped grow this company since 2016, leading those who build and maintain the technology necessary to operate the business and deliver on our mission.

99% of what I’ve helped bring into the world is proprietary, so I can't show it off in a sweet Dribbble deck or Githhub repo. Sorry.


Beyond this day-to-day, I am exploring the possibilities of fractional technology leadership, coaching, and mentorship.  I am interested in sharing what I have learned, helping good people do more of what they do best.

If you are leading or contributing to an organization that is going somewhere or building something and you feel frustrated by technology or technology team disfunction, maybe we should talk? 


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