13 Mar

Places you know, from a perspective you’ve never seen…

I worked with Tony Koop through the better half of 2013.  He’s brilliant – one of those persons that just ooze (maybe not the best word) knowledge and fresh perspective.

I’ve followed his quad-oct-heli-copter hobby for a while.  It’s cool.


Also cool: Kickstarter.   If I had more time, I’d talk more about both.  But, I’m out of time, so I’m cutting it short.

Check out his kick starter campaign.  He lost his main rig and needs to replace it.   Deadline is end of this month (March). Back it.


1932421_465166510275974_737350920_n 1016416_456239994501959_370231827_n
1013766_456239997835292_1385708403_n 1536689_455486634577295_1380514800_n
Also check out his work on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/KoopsMAC
Project shortlink: http://kck.st/1g4P9K1
22 Dec

The Unnamed Podcast…no longer.

Episode 2.  In which Dan and Meagan take to the hoof to garner some interaction and reaction to our name finalists, rims are shot, and all but one of said finalists become history.   Episode 3 will bear a name.

This clip starts with some would-be interviews set to Australian psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock, so….watch your minds.  They may be blown.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/125959990" params="color=2c2520&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

This is a project of Daniel Wanschura of Northern Lights Media and his technical Tonto, Phil Ensminger [myself], media production wizard with the sparkling golden ears.  (HA! Right….)

Enjoy.  Previous episode is available on Soundcloud. Feedback is always encouraged.

11 Oct

Right in Font of You

So, another resource in visual media.   This one, a bit more “industrial” in nature.  Need a font?

Check out the top three.     If you haven’t been in the habit of adding custom fonts and using font themes for your creative projects, then get on it already.

  Font Squirrel is definitely a preferred resource for font downloads.  The interface and download process is EASY and as the subtitle says, 100% free.




DaFont is another solid option.  Again, clean and to the point .














And though their name says 1001 fonts, this site currently features 5462 of them.
1001 fonts


And lastly, I must just point out that your best resource for fonts and graphic elements is [facepalm yourselves in advance]….Google.    There’s not much that you will need, that someone hasn’t already published.   Don’t be limited by the default.  Get out.  Get downloading.  Go make something cool.



10 Oct


Fallen Behind







As many of you are now aware of, I’ve been veering away from claiming the creative niche of “audio engineer” and I’ve begun to identify with the vastly interesting and seemingly limitless world of photography and visual media.  It’s breathtaking.   Of all of the things that the internet was made for, photography has done well.

Exibit A:  500px.

500px is photo portfolio and marketplace forum with international reach.  The work speaks for itself.   Here are a few I snagged from the Popular tab.   Suscribe to them through an RSS reader or the more social methods like Facebook and Twitter.   Get your daily dose of stunning creativity.   Enjoy!

Fallen Behind

Morning Dew on Spider Web



Each photo links back to it’s origin on 500px.   Author credit on the site.

23 Sep

Framing the Story, from TED.

This program came across my podcast playlist this weekend while on a long drive. I found it particularly inspiring. TED is usually good. The TED Radio Hour makes the content 10x more interesting. Inspiring is nothing out of the ordinary for TED. Take a listen.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.05.56 AM TED Radio Hour: Framing the Story

Featured in the episode, this is the full talk by Chimamanda Adichie.
[ted id=652]

10 Sep

99% Invisible.


I recently discovered this show, 99% Invisible by Roman Mars.   I’m hooked.   The tag line of the show is “A Tiny Radio Show About Design.”    The program goes in depth and inside architecture and design-themed topics, from skate parks to statues to the placement of the information desk within an atrium (it’s fascinating) – invisible things that no one ever thinks about.   And it does it with binaural story-telling that is second to…..well, only a few.   Radiolab and This American Life needn’t worry for their place on my top played, but….

Check it out.   The site for the show is extremely well made.    You can play and queue any of the episodes to an in-page player that is always present at the bottom of the screen.   Creative.  Well done.

History nerds, this is for you.   One of the most recent episodes details “…a series of epic design projects spanning almost 50 years.”   Chicago; The Chicago River; and well….go listen and find out.

Read More

07 Sep

Aaaannnnd…..He’s back?

Hello Internet.    Remember me?   It’s been a long time, I know.   Too long.   No, no, it’s nothing you’ve done.   It’s really not you….

It’s me.   My life.   I just don’t have time for you anymore.

There, I said it.   You’re not a priority in my life.   I have other things to do.   I’m trying to replace you, in fact.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with another website – www.qcgroup.com.  Have you heard of it?   Most of my day is spent working over there.  It’s what I do now.    Writing for the internet is just a drop in the bucket.  I never knew how much fun it could be to program, to design….

Photoshop is the proverbial bomb; Dreamweaver is my new best friend.  I’m learning code languages and “lingo” and spouting stuff I never thought I’d hear myself say.   Google has become more than “Google”.  Google is Analytics, Adwords, and Webmaster Tools (I like that…”webmaster”.  It sounds so big-league.).  Excel, Outlook, Word….I get it now.  I understand your strangle hold on corporate productivity.   Don’t worry, I’m challenging you in my own way.  You don’t have me yet.

Summer 2013 hasn’t brought me much in the way of creative audio projects.   No albums are about to drop, no films are premiering soon.   My ears have consumed more than they’ve created over these past few months. (Right now I’m on an unquenchable Ellie Goulding binge….and Evanescence.)  My mixing headphones are a little dusty.

But this is not all bad.  I’m diversifying.   I’m changing it up.   I’ve been given a chance to develop new skills and become a different kind of professional.   I’m not letting that chance pass me by.

It’s good to be back.   I’m going to do more.   I’m going to write about more things and tell more interesting stories.  Life is exciting and there’s a lot going on.
Stay in touch, Internet.  Don’t lose heart at my lack of attention.  We’ll make it through.

Happy Saturday.


||||  I took a job in April 2013 for as Web Marketing Specialist for The QC Group, an industrial and manufacturing quality services company.   Here, I’m doing everything from advertising to graphic design to video production to IT support and backend web programming.   It’s a RICH learning environment for a young, hungry techie like myself.   I’m grateful to be working for an excellent organization literally filled with excellent people who hold to excellent values.  (2 Samuel 7:18b-19a…that’s a Bible reference. Google it.)

The QC Group on LinkedIN, featuring some pixel pushing by yours truly.

The QC Group on LinkedIN, featuring some pixel pushing by yours truly.

One of the growing number of webpages that I am now responsible for. Let me know if you see any typos!

One of the growing number of webpages that I am now responsible for. Let me know if you see any typos!


Code. Looks like a delightful headache, no?

A random iced coffee....you can get one just like it if you visit the Spyhouse on Hennepin in Uptown, Mpls!

A random iced coffee….you can get one just like it if you visit the Spyhouse on Hennepin in Uptown, Mpls!

In case you forgot what the author looked like, here's a selfie.

In case you forgot what the author looked like, here’s a selfie.

19 Mar


I don’t do this often, but I have an endorsement to make.  VoiceResults.com


If you are an aspiring voice over or commercial voice acting talent, then you HAVE to consider this training.   Personal, up close, involved, ACCURATE, relevant, industry-specific, and fun…  The best advice I can give any actor or vocal performer that considers VO as a career (or as a part-time addition to one’s career) is to contact Sarah Jones-Larson at VoiceResults.   Do it.  You need a friend in the industry, and the people at VoiceResults advertise themselves as such.   They will advocate for you.    VR is not in it for the money.   There are dozens of other options out there if you want to throw yours away.   Take the training as slowly or as quickly as you’d like – your call.

Why am I going on and on like this, waxing eloquent like a marketing intern trying to make an impression?  Well, I’ve been working for VoiceResults. As a contractor, engineering.   I get to see [ahem...um, hear] it.  I’ve witnessed dozens of students work through a variety of classes.  As the one recording and editing each script, read, and demonstration, I get to hear the students like no other.  It’s impressive.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 4.34.11 PM
Hit me up for more information! Actors, you want to look into this.  Even if you don’t know it yet.   VoiceOver is an excellent tool to have in your toolbox.  It’s not anyone’s game.  Find out if you’ve got it at voiceresults.com

05 Mar

“Just let me live through this session!”

It’s been a week to forget.   I’ve forgotten most of it already….

Last Wednesday, I spent the day coughing blood and drinking tea from Caribou Coffee (#freerefills!) – trying to convince myself that I didn’t need to go to a doctor and that  I’d be fine.   “Just let me live through the session tonight!”, that was my prayer.  I lived.   The session was a huge success.   The next day I discovered that I had been walking with pneumonia for more than a week, and had contracted the infamous flu in addition.  Doctor told me to drop everything and rest.  I didn’t need to be told twice.  I had coughed enough blood.

A week later, I’m back.  It’s a safe guess that I slept more in the past 5 days than I have in the previous 3 weeks.  I kid you not.

BUT, the important news…

That killer session heard an appearance from Mikki Johnston (violin), recording highlights for The Lost Elevator’s hybrid orchestral score; and vocal performances from Peter Baehr and Dan Wanschura promoting Northern Lights Media’s next project.    I have pictures!

IMG_3482 IMG_3485 IMG_3490 IMG_3493IMG_3495
Tracked and mixed at The Hideaway Studio, Minneapolis.

For those of you aware and waiting for the release of the radio drama, don’t despair!  The wait is almost over.   The Premier event is scheduled for Mar 22.  Needless to say, MY JOB needs to be completed by that date.   We (primarily Jordan) are in the middle of creating the hybrid score for the piece.   We’ve been given enormous freedom from the direction to incorporate live instrumentation, so that is what we are doing now.  Violins, trumpets, oboe…   While the score is being produced, the dialog and fx edits continue to take shape.   As I have time (because that is the TRUE limitation), I’ve been creating the sound of the elevator, and giving life to the personalities through foley fx and post-production magic.   Radio drama is science and art combined.  So much goes unseen……